Our Vision and Commitment - to You

Located on River Murray is the Wellington Courthouse on the River. Going strong since 1861, the building is presented in its raw beauty with high ceilings, Expansive covered courtyard and internal historical museum. The venues charm and character is ever present and is supported by some of the best food and entertainment that Wellington, South Australia has to offer. Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 

Our VISION is to put a smile on your face, ease your hunger and thirst, and

 make sure your visit is an experience that you will enjoy and leave remembering passionately

Our MISSION is to make every visit a time to remember. 

To us and hopefully all of our loyal customers, COMMITMENT is our step.  It is OUR step towards a; 


- to continue to be sustainable, local and committed to improving the prosperity of our local town 


- Locally focussed in the ingredients we use,  

- Locally focussed in the charities we support  

- and locally focussed in the people we serve – YOU   


- We promise to support the town and area that we are humbly supported by. 

- We also promise to do so in a manner that is kind to this planet 

with YOUR help and OUR commitment – WE ALL PROSPER  

Files coming soon.